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July News

Crazy weather that we have – as soon as I mentioned needing to water last month it seems to have not stopped raining . June we had 3 inches of rain and July we have had 1.5 inches to date .

The outlook for the rest of July after the weekend looks like it will improve  – less rain , but still unsettled, which is disappointing.

What is surprising though is the number of lawns that I have looked at recently where they are still dry  – often lawns that are relatively old and predominantly fescue grass mix .

They have built up a layer of thatch and debris at surface level and the water often cannot get through this . It becomes a sponge and water sits there resulting in grass going black , and moss creeps in again.

Now is the time to aerate , that will solve the compaction and open up the soil to allow better water movement , and ideally top soil to get some organic material in to the root zone, this will help improve the soil structure and encourage root growth by getting air into the soil .

A healthy open soil  will support good grass growth , and now is the time to consider applying a soil tonic to get all those micro organisms reproducing and building soil fertility .

July also seems to bring the ants out – all of a sudden our nice flat lawn appears to have mumps , you can physically try brushing the surface with a hard broom to disperse the mounds and try using one of the Nippon ant killer products , they have a treatment that can be diluted and watered on , easy to use and not so unsightly as the powder .