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Lawn Care Costs from Greengrass lawncare

Lawn care costs

Wondering how much our lawn care costs? Our highly recommended lawn care treatments cost from as little as £10 per month.*

But of course, the secret of Greengrass Lawn Care’s treatment programmes is that we tailor each annual programme to suit the individual client and their requirements. The treatment programme we recommend for you will vary depending on your lawn and its condition.

Get the lush green lawn you want and keep it that way

In our opinion, a healthy, vibrant lawn can be achieved with our annual lawn care programme worked out with your individual needs in mind. We know from many years of experience that once we establish a relationship with you and your lawn, we can guarantee you will get the very best lawn you can and you can keep it that way. Our lawn care costs are very reasonable and an investment in a beautiful green space which you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Lawn care costs

We offer three Service Packages which we find are a good start for most clients.

Bronze Standard Package from £10*

Our Bronze Package is suited to smaller areas of grass or where the lawn is secondary to flower borders or hard landscaped areas. Read more.

Silver Enhanced Package from £20*

Our Silver Package is perfect for those lawns with mixed uses, families who need to combine ball games and relaxation. Read more.

Gold Complete package from £35*

Our Gold Package is designed to make your lawn the focal point of your garden, for relaxation and entertaining.
Read more.

Competitive Lawn Care Costs

Our lawn care costs are very competitive, starting at just £10 per month and combine weed and moss control with fertiliser treatments applied at the correct time of year to ensure your lawn stays lush and green. Before you decide which package is for you, we offer a free survey to analyse your lawn and recommend which package we feel is right for you.

Optional Treatments

However, dependent on your requirements we may also recommend optional treatments that can be repeated, or added to your plan. Customers are often unaware of It is often underestimated how much improvement we can make to your lawn using aeration, scarification and correct mowing procedures.

The optional extras include weed treatments, spot weeding , slow mow, hydration, foliar feeds, fertiliser, moss control, disease and pest management, top dressing, patch repairs, sunken hollows levelled, re-seeding, aerating and scarification. We also offer grass cutting and treatment of hard landscaping and driveways for weeds, moss and algae.

Members of the UK Lawn Care Association

We are proud to be a member of the UK Lawn Care Association. As a member, Greengrass Lawncare agrees to follow a ‘code of practice’ including ‘accreditation’ designed to give you the confidence to trust that your lawn is in safe hands. We are committed to the highest standards of lawn care providing a knowledgeable, bespoke, efficient and friendly service to homeowners throughout the UK.

*Based on 40 sq metres Payment can be made by Direct Debit for a Monthly Service Package or simply pay per visit.