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Lawn Renovation

What is Lawn Renovation?

Lawn renovation is a process where the lawn is completely replaced and appropriate processes are used to create a lush, deep green and weed-free lawn. Lawn renovation involves all processes from soil analysis through to re-seeding.

Lawn Renovation

  • Can be the w hole lawn or just small sections
  • We remove areas of moss and thatch
  • We deal with sections that are dry due to thatch.
  • our aim is to create a lush, deep green, weed-free lawn

When to Renovate

Creating the ideal conditions is not always easy and so the best time of the year for this is around early spring, or early autumn when natural rain fall is more likely and improve the chances of good seed germination, which is far more effective than hand watering. This will all be dependent on the condition of your lawn so speak to us for personalised advice.

Find out about our Lawncare Services Packages

Regular treatments with our lawncare services packages are recommended. Maintenance is carried out through the year; all of the packages are flexible and we build it to suit your needs and budget. Read more about our packages.


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Did you know we are Members of the UK Lawn Care Association?

We are proud to be a member of the UK Lawn Care Association. As a member, Greengrass Lawncare agrees to follow a ‘code of practice’ including ‘accreditation’ designed to give you the confidence to trust that your lawn is in safe hands. We are committed to the highest standards of lawn care providing a knowledgeable, bespoke, efficient and friendly service to homeowners throughout the UK.