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Lawn reseed

lawn reseed

Lawn reseed? Overseeding is an essential part of our annual lawn maintenance programmes. Lawn reseeding along with all the other procedures in our maintenance programmes help us work with nature to achieve a green, lush lawn.

Why reseed your lawn?

It will help to even out any bare patches and give your lawn a denser texture. It will reduce weed and moss growth and improve the colour of the grass.

When do you reseed?

We generally overseed existing lawns in Spring and Autumn and, in optimum weather conditions, germination will normally take between one and three weeks

What type of lawn seed do you use?

We firstly consider the types of grass which make up your lawn and the general drainage. If the lawn condition is good then would normally select a mix of seed containing perennial ryegrass which suits most gardens including both fine and medium blade leaves which should establish quickly. If your lawn is dry or shady, we would choose a seed mix with shade and drought resistant grass, They would generally be made up of fine bladed grasses.



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We are proud to be a member of the UK Lawn Care Association. As a member, Greengrass Lawncare agrees to follow a ‘code of practice’ including ‘accreditation’ designed to give you the confidence to trust that your lawn is in safe hands. We are committed to the highest standards of lawn care providing a knowledgeable, bespoke, efficient and friendly service to homeowners throughout the UK.