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Lawn Scarification

Lawn Scarification - Greengrass Lawn care St Albans

What is Lawn Scarification?

Lawn Scarification is the removal of surface thatch from a lawn. It is perfectly normal to have surface thatch on a lawn. The problem starts when the thatch is so thick that it stops important nutrients such as water, fertiliser and oxygen from getting to the roots. If this isn’t addressed, you end up with a mossy, spongy lawn.

We scarify your lawn as part of our lawn treatment programmes; it’s an important part of the overall strategy to keep your lawn in the best possible condition. The aim of scarification is to remove most of the surface thatch. If we find that your lawn is showing signs of moss in Winter or is spongy underfoot, we will scarify it as part of your lawn treatment programme. We can check core samples from your lawn and to check the depth of the thatch and the scarify the excess  above the soil line.

The main benefits of Lawn Scarification are:

  • Removes high levels of thatch which can be dangerous
  • Trim the grass roots to encouraging growth
  • Allows water to reach the soil
  • Allows air to reach the roots
  • Allows nutrients to reach the grass
  • Removes moss and dead weeds
  • Reduces the likelihood of future moss problems


Types of Lawn Scarifier

1. Hand scarifiers

These look very much like a normal garden rake. This basic scarifier does not have a container for collecting the thatch so you have to pick up the thatch by hand. These are best for use on smaller lawns.

2. Electric scarifiers

Electric scarifiers cut into the soil as well as lightly turning over the lawn and they automatically collect surface thatch. This type of scarifier is ideal for medium-sized lawns and are quite low maintenance only requiring the blades to be cleaned.

3. Petrol scarifiers

Petrol scarifiers are designed to work on larger lawns. They have powerful engines and scarify much quicker.

4. Tined and bladed scarifiers

Some scarifieres come with blades while others have tines. Those which have blades dig into the soil, cut moss and debris, and it all gets collected in a collection box.

Instead of blades, some scarifiers have tines that resemble a rake. Unlike the bladed ones, scarifiers with tines do not cut into the soil but only remove dead vegetation that is on the surface of your lawn. Tined scarifiers are usually most appropriate for small and medium-sized lawns.

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