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Lawncare Service Packages


We can help you’re your lawn thrive with our 4 R s
1. Regular
2. Repairs
3. Renovation
4. Renew

1. Regular treatments

Please see our three Service Package options below, what you need will vary depending upon the requirements of your individual lawn. Maintenance is  carried out through the year, all of the packages are flexible , we build it to suit your needs and budget , but it gives a good indication of what can be done. In addition there are things that will occur that need treating , such as cut worm or ants , or you may wish to opt into the hydration treatment to reduce the need for watering and help your lawn cope with stress in drought conditions.

In addition to the regular maintenance programme some lawns need a bit more to get them up to a standard.

2. Repairs

Often we see lawns where there has been a pest infection and grass has stopped growing, or dry patches where thick thatch has prevented water getting through and the grass died out and in some cases the dreaded mistake often made where contact weed killer is used to spot treat weeds which then kills the lawn. Whatever the cause we can patch these areas in so that you will never know they occurred. Normally this work can be carried out at any time of the year but mainly through the summer season when it becomes apparent..

3. Renovation

Often where moss takes over, weeds or heavy pest infection occurs the grass becomes less and less of a feature and needs a makeover. In this instance we will deal with the cause of the problem and then scarify and aerate the lawn before over seeding, we aim to save the grass that is there but increase plant population to thicken it up again and get a nice looking lawn. Over the years since the lawn was originally established the soil will have settled, we will take the opportunity during the renovation to fill any hollows and level the lawn out. Creating the ideal conditions is not always easy and so the best time of the year for this is around early spring, or early autumn when natural rain fall is more likely and improve the chances of good seed germination, which is far more effective than hand watering. We have developed a special technique to cut grooves in to the soil and place the seed at the correct depth to encourage germination and get that lawn back to its former glory.

4. Renew

This is for those lawns that unfortunately are impossible to get back and the only solution is to renew. When this occurs the options are to re-seed or re-turf, turf is quite expensive but instant , seed is more economical but takes longer, but we will discuss this with you when we survey the lawn. Either options will require that the existing turf is killed off and then removed, we will then need to bring in more top soil, rotovate and level before laying new turf or sowing seed..

Based on 40 sq metres Payment lawn treatments start at around £15 per month and increase with the size and treatments chosen from the menu we offer.
Payment can be made by Direct Debit using Go Cardless on a monthly basis or by BACS on each visit or if you wish at the start of the year for a planned programme that will give you a 5% discount.

Optional Treatments

Optional treatments that can be repeated, or added to your plan – dependent on weather and your needs:
Weed treatments, Spot weeding , Slow mow, Hydration, Foliar feeds, Fertiliser, Moss control, Disease and Pest management, Top dressing, Patch repairs, Sunken hollows levelled, Re-Seeding, Aerating, Scarification, Grass cutting, Hard standing areas and driveways treated for weeds, moss and algae.

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