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Lawncare Services

Our professional lawn treatments will soon make a difference you can see. With regular care through the seasons, your lawn and your garden will be a pleasure to behold. We care for the environment and offer a range of organic treatments in addition to our standard applications. We believe in feeding the soil fungi and bacteria , which in turn will support grass growth in a balanced way.

Soil Survey

Soil survey to establish nutrient needs and structure, identify soil type and any compaction.

Lawn Feed

Lawn Feeding – slow release fertilizer NPK to keep your lawn green all year.

Weed Control

Eradicating competing weeds that are likely to appear at different times of the year .

Moss Control

Carried out in the Autumn and Spring when moss can spread , especially on lawns which have been stressed through the Summer.

Lawn Aeration

Annual treatment to get air into soil to encourage root growth and improve drainage .


Removal of dead grasses that can spread disease, and can create a thatch preventing rain from draining into the soil.

Top Dressing

Introduce mixture of loam and feed to encourage new growth after aeration and to repair sunken areas.

Lawn Reseed

Patch in poor areas where grass has suffered, maybe from heavy pedestrian use or Summer stress.

Hydration treatments

Applied to encourage water to move freely through the soil and applied before the Summer. Can reduce the effects of Summer heat stress.

Lawn Renovation


 Dependent on lawn condition, the grass can be completely replaced or treated to bring it back to new , involves all processes from soil analysis through to re-seeding.

Wild Meadow Creation

Wild meadow creation which can add tremendous diversity to your garden creating a lively feeding and nesting ground for insects, birds and small animals.

Weed Control in Driveways

Treating moss & algae and killing weeds down to the root, on paths and driveways preventing new seed germination for up to 3 months. It’s quick and highly effective.

Grass Cutting

We use Ambrogio Robotic mowers where appropriate to keep your lawn in pristine condition. Safe, reliable & eco-friendly.

Robotic Mowing

We use Ambrogio Robotic mowers where appropriate to keep your lawn in pristine condition. Safe, reliable & eco-friendly.

Pest Control

Unwanted visitors? We will deal with Ants, Moles, Leather Jackets and other unwelcome guests to your garden.

Leaf Clearance

We clear the leaves from your lawn during Autumn & Winter to prevent them from killing or damaging your grass.

Dew Control

It’s important to remove dew from your lawns before we work on them. It reduces th potential for disease attacking the grass.

Growth Regulator

Applied in Autumn after the last cut, growth regulator can reduce mowing frequency and improve the colour of the grass.

Organic Programme

We embrace organic practices where possible, such as using compost instead of pesticides or herbicides, for a beautiful green lawn every year.

Residential Lawn Services

Looking after your lawn on a regular basis is much more affordable than replacing it periodically. In the long run it’s definitely more cost effective to arrange scheduled maintenance regularly than wait until your lawn becomes unhealthy or damaged beyond repair. Our years of experience and state-of-the-art tools mean we can take care of this for you while you relax and enjoy your garden. 

Remove weeds, thatch and moss

Improve drainage



Mowing and edging

Feeding and watering

Top dressing

Grass cutting

Regular landscape maintenance


Debris removal

Weed control

Commercial Lawn Services

Your grounds will often provide first impressions for visitors, so you need to make sure your property’s looking its best! From industrial grounds and care homes to immaculately presented gardens and social areas, we can tailor our solution to suit your requirements and budget.  

The Green, Green, Grass of Home

Your place to work, play, entertain, relax, meditate, de-stress, nurture your well being and find time for yourself.

“First time customer and very impressed.”

“They were helpful, courteous and thoroughly professional and I will use them again. In fact I have already booked them to do some more work in a few months. 

“Really proud of my garden now. I can’t believe the difference a beautiful lawn has made to my garden. Thank you Greengrass.”

“I’m sitting out in my garden at every opportunity now. So proud of my lawn! “

“My lawn’s never looked so good!”

An absolutely amazing job on our lawn. They excelled in the amount of work they did and I am so happy with the end result. I would highly recommend this lawn care company. Hard working and very courteous, can’t recommend them enough.

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