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Never sure how many people get the opportunity to follow this

March has been a strange month so far starting off with relatively warm sunny weather – which resulted in many people venturing out and realising the lawns were not in the condition that they had hoped for .

Moss continues to be the devil – with many lawns heavily covered and going to need scarifying, which having done a few recently is taking twice as long as usual and producing a  massive amount of waste material

It also very noticeable that turf lawns have struggled , with grasses dying out  and there is no real pattern , some that were laid late in the year have really struggled , but then again some laid last April have not done any better . The one common thing seems to be that the finer grasses , the fescues have struggled and the stronger rye grass have survived.  Time will tell how well they recover , but most likely there is going to be a need for over seeding .

Having started warm – we seem to have reverted back to damp weather , and a cold wind – guess its what we should expect as we head towards the Spring equinox next weekend Saturday March 20th

Highlights the need for a regular plan and strategy to keep lawns looking good  – Not necessarily possible to fix things instantly but we can use the next few months to rectify the problems to have healthy lawns for future years


As Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”

Turf showing the effect of hard winter and death of Fescue