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Well we are now in to short days – darker for longer than it is light, consequently grass is beginning to slow down  – although it still needs maintaining. September saw 25mm of rain  – and the outlook for the first 10 days of October is much the same , not a lot but 3-4 mm every few days is enough to keep the ground moist and certainly ensure good germination of any lawns that have recently been re-seeded. Soil temperatures are still reasonably good and the current weather will help the slower germinating varieties in grass seed mix.

Weather permitting it is probably still possible to lay new lawns if you are on lighter sandy soils and can prepare a seedbed. Other wise now is the perfect time for tackling those dry patches that some lawns are showing where grass has died out – these can be over sown and if done in the next week or so should be fine.

Plenty of daddy Long legs around this season and evidence of holes being dug in lawns by foxes looking for a feed , also birds pulling away at old dead grass where moss is dominant to find the leather jacket.  Its not too late to treat with nematodes that will reduce the population now , but will need to follow up with a spring treatment.

Weather conditions are perfect for Moss – so areas of shade will quickly become populated with moss spores , and in severe cases worth treating now, and weather permitting following up with a light scarification ( dependent on weather and soil type )

Fertiliser applications are now commencing with Autumn feed – perfect conditions for this , and it will help the grass survive the lower winter temperatures and the toughen it up. We are using a slow release controlled product , which responds to the growing conditions  – low in Nitrogen, so as not to over stimulate growth.

Weeds that have survived earlier treatments will receive the last spot spray of the year  – which if it stays warm can kill  – or at least it will knock them back.

Key opportunity for this month is repair those patches !!!!!