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Weed Control

Weed Control

How we keep the weeds at bay

Cultural Control

In order to keep your lawn looking at its best, we need to ensure that it’s weed free. But before we reach for the weed killer, there are lots of things we can do to keep the weeds to a minimum. Our regular lawn care programmes help to keep complete grass coverage of the lawn area plus the regular cutting and feeding, scarification and aeration all help to reduce the weeds. Regular watering during dry spells in the growing season will also help to maintain healthy grass. We’ve all seen the parched lawns when it’s dry – the thinner the turf gets, the more opportunity for weeds to take hold. Find out more about our Lawncare Packages.

Selective Herbicides

We control the weeds through the application of selective herbicides using a liquid spray, which are absorbed into the weeds primarily through their leaves and then through the root. The ideal time for weed control is when the weeds are actively growing.


Depending on the extent of the weeds, weed control can take more than one application to eradicate all weed types. It is an ongoing process of course, as seeds are constantly falling on your lawn brought by the wind or deposited by birds and animals.

Fully Qualified

I hold an NPTC Certificate of Competence PA1 and PA6 for use of these pesticides and have a great deal of experience of identifying the weed types and choosing the correct herbicide or combinations of herbicides for your individual lawn.


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We are proud to be a member of the UK Lawn Care Association. As a member, Greengrass Lawncare agrees to follow a ‘code of practice’ including ‘accreditation’ designed to give you the confidence to trust that your lawn is in safe hands. We are committed to the highest standards of lawn care providing a knowledgeable, bespoke, efficient and friendly service to homeowners throughout the UK.