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Wild Meadow Creation

wild meadow creation

Why create a Wild Meadow

Wildflower meadows are increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional lawns and herbaceous borders. The flowers and plants are long lasting and will bloom for many months. There are different options to choose from; you can have an annual meadow or a perennial meadow which will flower every year.

Wild meadows can add tremendous diversity to your garden creating a lively feeding and nesting ground for insects, birds and small animals.

When and where to plant a Wild Meadow

The best time to create your wild meadow is during March and April or in September, depending on soil conditions. If you have light soil then sowing in Autumn should result in quick germination, although some of the plants will not come up until the following spring. If your soil is on the heavy side, it is best to wait until March or April to avoid waterlogging which can cause the seeds to rot.

Can I convert my lawn to a Wild Meadow?

Lots of people ask this question and the answer is yes it can although it can take a number of years for the balance between grass and wildflowers to be established.

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